Nupkg - encrypt


I need to find out is there a way to publish solution to Orchestrator (and so create nupkg file) and have it no convertible to xaml so code is hidden from others?

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This is not possible if the package is to run in Orchestrator. However, you can change the access levels for different users to prevent them from downloading the package.

Hi @Bohdan_Levandivskyy1
If you are worry about the source code cannot be see the publish packagers
and you can remove the view access from the roles who don’t wanna see the packages

When you publish package you can assign certificate , if someone doesnt have digital certificate then it wont authenticate without correct password

@Bohdan_Levandivskyy1 - you can refer below links for digital signing - hoping it can help you…


Yes, I was using digital signing.

Indeed it seems that there is no way to hide contents of project, but only require admin rights:

Xamls are secured by default for your current version (2019.10) unless explicitly disabled by default during studio installation using the DISABLE_SECURE_XAML parameter
Here is a snippet on the default settings for Xaml security (About Automation Projects on the Robot). This security feature is only present when studio is installed a service (UiPath Robot is present in services.msc. This service is what secures xamls). Keep in mind that these files will still have full control for the local system account and built in administrators. All other users will not be able to open these files though you will still see them in the package.

Hi ! did you find a solution to this problem?