Create Uipath project as executable file / protect our code of XAML file

Hello everyone,

I want to protect my code of XAML file. Is there any way to do it by creating exe file, password protection etc.? So that, others cannot see my source code and they should be able to execute only my workflow.

Your early response on my query will be highly appreciated.


You can use Encrypt file activity to encrypt your xaml file.

Refer the below link

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Thank you for your response.

Is it possible to execute encrypted XAML file?

No, the encrypted file should be decrypted first and then you can run the workflow

I think this will not solve my problem. If i am providing my workflow to someone, he/she should be able to execute my workflow and they should not see my workflow content.

Hope you understand my requirement.


Then you can do one thing

  1. publish your package to Robot Defaults
  2. Give the nuget package to someone or your colleague.
  3. Tell them to Paste the above nuget package in the below location"C:\Users\anil\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-19.2.0\Packages".
  4. Run the exe file in the location"C:\Users\anil\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-19.2.0\UiPath.Agent.exe"
  5. Then can go to robot tray and the project will show there, they can install the package from robot tray and run the project and they can’t download and see your process.

Hi anil, I tried your solution but for some reason i doesn’t work. The path of the folder you are suggesting don´t exist and the executable file (UiPath.Agent.exe) can´t find the nuget package. can you help me? I need it urgently!!

But once the nuget package is unpacked, it is will available in “C:\Users\xyz.nuget\packages<project>\1.0.2\lib\net45”. Users can still view the source file/XAML file