UiPath Classfier document Udnerstanding

I have two types of Document.

  1. From the classfier variable I want to get to know the Document Type.
    Is it possible ?

  2. Why we always pass ClassificationResult(0) always ?

Hi @Ritaman_Baral ,
You need know type of file as pdf, xlsx, docx ,…

You can try

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

Classificationresult(0).DocumentTypeId gives you the ID corresponding to the document type

Classificationresult(0).DocumentId gives you the File Name of the Processed Document

Classificationresult output is the list(ClassificationResult)

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

1.Yes, it is possible to get the document type from the classifier variable

1.Take assign activity and create a variable
2. Value you can give like this = classifaication(0).DocumentTypeId
3. Orelse
for example if you need only the last one filpkart
you can use this = classifaication(0).DocumentTypeId.Split(“.”).Last

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

For the second one if it having multiple types then it will always take the 0 ,that’s why using the ClassificationResults(0)

Nice one brother…Thanks

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