Uipath Chrome Extensio Issue

Hello @UiPath_Community

I am facing issue with UiPath chrome extension. It is showing error “the extension cannot automate thebrowser running with multiple user profile. Restart the browser and use a single profile at a time.”

We have added extension using GPO.

Attaching error screenshot.

Please help



Open only one chrome at a time with only one profile


@Vaibhav_Shukla ,

Please use single for the chrome automation

only one hrome is opened and only one sigh in but still this error

@AMAN_GUPTA ye using single chrom and single signin but till facig this error


if there are any profiles created in chrome…then delete them and try



The UiPath Chrome extension cannot automate the browser running with multiple user profiles because it relies on the Chrome storage API to store and retrieve its state.
To resolve this issue, you can either:
→ Use a single user profile to automate your tasks.


If you need to use multiple user profiles, you can use a different browser automation tool or you can use UiPath Chrome extension to automate tasks in a single user profile. You can then switch to a different user profile and automate tasks in that profile using a different browser automation tool.

UiPath Extension for Chrome does not support automating multiple browser instances running with multiple user profiles at the same time. As such, browser automation requires you to close all active instances of Chrome and restart the browser using a single user profile.

Reference: Studio - Chrome Extension troubleshooting