Chrome Extension Problem with different user

Hi All,

I’m trying to run the chrome using different users(from command prompt) , the chrome is switched to user which i have specified , but im unable to download the chrome extension.
I dont have the UI Path in program files(x86) folder.

Please help me out!!
Thanks in Advance.


Check as below

If you didn’t find in program file(x86), then you can try in LocalappData

Check and you can refer below for installation of chrome extension

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Hi @Srini84
Thanks for the reply
My environment user is having the chrome extension downloaded , but after switching the chrome to run as different user only , the chrome extension is not enabled.

You can go to chrome—> more tools ----> extensions ---->UiPath Web Automation(Details)—>Allow access to file URLS

I did that as well ,but didnt work

Using UiPathStudioSetup.exe (Not need to Uninstall)and try to follow the step again

It is not working


did you find solution to this.?

Access the folder C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\UiPath through CMD and type SetupExtensions.exe /chromeglobal. This command will install it for all users.