UiPath Certification Time Limits not advertised clearly

I started to take the Certification and passed the first multiple choice, after that I was curious to see what the next part was so clicked to start even though it was the end of the working day. Little did I know that the practical exam is timed so there was no way I would have time to complete the test.

It would be good to get some warning on the page that there is a time limit, the page says nothing at all about this. Instead you need to find the documentation another place which is not linked from this page.

Now my time is expired without even starting, how do I go about trying again?


Actually on the exam page this details is missing agreed.
It was actually on the main page earlier, however post an update its not available there as well.

However i would suggest the FAQ section before you go ahead and start anything as i had the same curiosity :stuck_out_tongue:

But to answer your question see bleow:

Yes, I found this page but only after I made the mistake :wink:

In my opinion it just need to be clearly marked on the actual exam page so others don’t make this mistake.