Issue with certification final

my time zone is different(india) . my certification page showing los angeles timezone…so for ,i have started my certification -time duration is 3.30 hrs …but iam not able to upload my workflow ,it shows time expired…at the time i was just started …

How it is possible???

its actually insane

Try to write the exam again by keeping note of your time and during uploading the file before 3.30 hrs and if this not happens then contact the uipath team. Hope they will help you in solving the issue and give your chances in writing the exam.

Pavan H

but actually it not even showing to upload workflow…

@lalin certification page will not show any actual time. It will show only how much time remaining to upload your processes. So it is nothing with time zone. Make sure to finish your project before and upload the processes as one zip file before the time expires.

Since the issue has been arised already, if you can try again and if you fail in that case also, you can contact the uipath support team.
Also yo can explain your issue to uipath support.

Pavan H.

you are just replyed now,but see the difference of the time 14hr

but its just happened with in 10 mins,not more then (3.30hr).
Also not show the upload tab for workflow directory

If that the case (it expires in 10 mins) please raise the ticket to UiPath

thanks i have raised ticket


Time on your machine is wrong…check one more time ,whether its correct or not…


Thanks i have already got it…

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