Intermittent occurrence of "Open browser: Unable to communicate with browser. Check out the UiPath extension"

I updated UiPath from version 21.4.3 to 22.10.1
This issue occurred after an upgrade operation.

There are a multiple bots, the issue occurs in some bots and works normally in other bots
This does not occur reliably, but occurs intermittently and without symptoms.
I checked the browser policies and versions between the bots, but they are exactly the same. The version is also the same.

Please suggest a solution to the problematic bot

Hi @JinBeom_Lee ,
Have you check your package?

Yes, but there were no visible problems

Maybe the robot service responsible for handling the element detection did not properly initiate after the upgrade.
Can you the machines were restarted in the meantime?
Your version is community or standard,
if standard, you can contact support

hope it help,

When this happens, did you log into the server as the robot account and verify that the Chrome (assuming you’re using Chrome) extension is installed and enabled?