UiPath Bots ability to receive requests and respond in local languages other than English?

Dear all,
I had a technical query and wondered if I could seek help here.

One of our customers has got business in different geo’s with local call centers e.g. Polish, Bulgarian etc.

We are investigating possibility of RPA in their processes and the query is about bot’s ability to receive and respond back in local language other than English.

Is this available capability out of the box in UiPath and if so, how is this done OR do we need a custom solution ?

@ssubramaniam- Is this the one you are looking at? https://robot.uipath.com/docs/field-descriptions#section-the-user-preferences-window

@Akash_N_Jain - Many thanks for coming back.

The option says --> Enables you to change the interface language of the Robot Tray and Studio

Does this mean ,by setting language preference here deployed bot can now understand requests coming in and communicate in chosen language or is this only about what we see in robot tray and within development studio during development?