Robots published in english environment can run on a machine with japanese OS?

Hello All,
After developing and publishing a robot in UIPath Studio English environment, can I use the same .exe on a machine with Japanese OS (with UIPath installed) ?

Hi @preetith

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It might be tricky, mainly due to the selectors. If your workflow depends on the selectors in English and the other machine will have the same fields in Japanese, then the workflow will not work properly.

Thank You for replying.
I thought so too… So, in my situation where my robots will be used by users in both en and jp environments, what would be the best way to develop them ?

I believe the best way would be to try and make the selectors language independent. It might be that there are properties of the elements in the apps you are automating that will make the selector reliable without the language dependency.

Thanks again ! Guess , I will check selectors for all UI elements and also test across different environments …

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