Does uipath support other languages?

Hi All,

I would like to know whether uipath has the capability to accommodate or process data which are in languages other than English.


interesting topic

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Hi @Delicia_A

UiPath supports these languages


however for data processing I think to need to use a translator and work accordingly.


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Hi @Delicia_A

Data is data, it can be moved around and processed independently of the language :slight_smile:

I guess the question is about the type of processing you have on mind here.


Lol…That is what I was exactly looking for.

My requirement is to have a regex check for performing string operations on my incoming tickets that are not in English (Eg. For handling all the tickets which are in Portuguese).

Can that be done. Hope I am clear now. :slight_smile:

Yes that should be possible. If any issues, feel free to post on the Forum!
(I doubt there would be an issue with Portuguese; for example, UiPath is quite popular in Japan :slight_smile: )

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