Question on UI path Certification


First of all let me apologize,I am not sure whether I have selected the correct category,I have finished my UI RPA Foundation course on 03/01/2018,But now I need to continue to other Advance courses,Do I need to again go for UI path certification starting from foundation course,or can I directly start from Advance courses if yes how will I do it,I am able to login to my user ID and password,But I am unable to login to advance courses.Is there any link for the same where I could login and start the advance courses.

Hi @Harshab6,

There will be three levels under this academy,
Level 1 : Foundation Training (13 Lessons & Final Test)
Level 2 : Orchestrator
Level 3 : Advance Training

First let me know are you using the same Mail ID or different ?

If you are using same mail ID, you can start directly advance courses
If you are using different mail ID then you need to start Foundation training again