UiPath Avanced Assignment 2

Hello. My Robot is logging out every time and i don’t know what happenedYearly_Report.7z (554.5 KB)

Hi @Sultan_Ermanaly

Can you explain the problem in a little bit more detail? What is that you are expecting to happen and what is actually happening?

After i connect to ACME system it’s just logs out after due to no more transaction data

i’m trying to solve it for 3 days

Few options…

  1. Have you tried resetting the data in the ACME system and trying again?
  2. You can use the debug mode with some breakpoints, and see whether your arguments are actually passing data into the GetTransactionData.xaml.
  3. Also, as part of that investigation, also check whether out_transactionItem is getting assigned by any value. These you can check by using the debug mode along with few break points executing one step at a time…

Give it a try and see…

Let know how it goes

already reset data but still no changes

ok… then what you have to do is, Create a break point on the invoke activity of the get Transaction Data xaml invoke activity by right clicking on it and selecting “Toggle breakpoint”.

Now, run the program in the debug mode. It will execute and once it reach this activity, it will stop there highlighting it in yellow color while showing the variables and the arguments and its values on the locale panel on your left side of the screen. Now, click on step into button and execute each step at a time and try to see whether out_Transactionitem argument is getting assigned by any value by the time you exit the GetTransactionData xaml after the execution…

If it does not get assigned, that’s where we should check why it is not because that’s the condition to exit saying there is no transactions to process.

Can you check that?

U Can see with what i’m dealing

Yes… I know that scenario… What I asked you to check by running in the debug mode is, to see whether the actual arguments and values are getting the values to process. Because that happens, when transactionItem variable is not getting assigned with a value. So, that’s what we have to check…

Make sense?

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