Hello, my uipath when sending the notification email via SMTP is crashing. The only way I was able to do it was to uninstall it and then install it, but after a few days it returns to the same problem.


Hi @RenatoVDomingos

Does a simple machine restart fix the issue? It could be that an auto-update of your Studio went wrong somewhere and didn’t restart the robot process as it should. That is easily fixed by a machine restart.

I had already started, but it didn’t work. I am reinstalling my uipath, it will work again, however, every time I restart the machine, it goes back to a problem. It is as if my windows had something crashing on uipath.

I have now discovered that the problem is the uipath assistant. My robot was stuck, and when I closed the uipath assistant the robot completed the project started. Now I don’t know what the assistant is doing, does anyone know what I might be doing?


my robot really works only after i restart uipath assistant, could it be an update problem? or windows10?

We will get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:

Would you be able to send me a private message @loginerror with the output of the

Also, is there maybe a relation between the error happening and you leaving the machine idle for some period of time?

It has nothing to do with idleness, because I restart the computer, and I already play it. It is as if the Assistant left the SMTP operation locked, because apparently it does not lock any other function.

I put 60,000 mileseconds for SMTP, and in the meantime when I close the assistant on the flag the system is back up and running.

The error that appears is that SMTP had no response from the server.

It could mean that your installation is corrupted, but it could also be a bug with Assistant.

Could you please share your version of Studio/Assistant and the license that you are using? (if it is an Enterprise scenario, please do contact our technical support for further follow up via this form)