UiPath Assistant Communication Failure on Mac

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I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently facing an issue after installing UiPath Assistant on my Mac, and I’m hoping someone in the community might have some insights.

The problem I’m encountering is an error message that says “Communication with the Robot Service fails.” I’ve tried restarting UiPath Assistant and the Mac, but the issue persists. I’m running the latest version of UiPath from Resource Center (Apple Silicon Chip) on my Mac. Mac version is Apple M1 8GB Ventura 13.2.1

If anyone has experienced a similar problem or has any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue, I would greatly appreciate your help. I’ve checked the forums and documentation, but I’m still struggling to find a solution.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!


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App menu → services → search for UiPath services and start them


@Anil_G Thank you very much for reaching out.

I am trying the fix you suggested but can’t find the UiPath Services.

There are visual steps on how to do this on Windows but I can’t figure out the solution for Mac
Please can you assist further ?
Is this the right step to start the service as suggested ?

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As per error clearly the services needed are missing…you are checking the processes page…try to check services page and search for robot service


I have followed this steps earlier and rechecked again just now.

I don’t understand what it’s meant to accomplish because there’s nothing related to UiPath there. I can’t still see the UiPath service to start after doing this.

Can you kindly explain further ?


Please follow the below

  1. First uninstall UiPath
  2. Download a copy from orchestrators downloads again
  3. Reinstall and then check

Ideally when the environment variables are not proper or the services are not running we will see this issue…on mac where to find both of these is not clear…but a freah installation with full fresh download should fix ideally


I have done this fresh installation multiple times before creating this post…
Also Just uninstalled, restarted mac and did a fresh download and reinstall right now…

Same outcome. Thanks for your help but it’s not working.

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Instead click on the person icon in mac and try to click on sign in from there and check

Also for mac two versions are available one is apple silicon and other is intel macs…try to install as per your mac configuration…hope you verified it



Surprisingly, There is no sign in option… I have shared this in earlier pictures.
I am using the right dmg - Apple Silicon M1 version.

I am hoping someone on the UiPath team can recreate this because it appears to be a problem from the version they have provided for download.


Check this thread How to install UIPath studio in MAC? - #21 by ajay.jagtap

Hope this is helpful

Hi @AdityaVN

Thank you for reaching out.
I don’t want to install UiPath Studio. UiPath claims that there is a standalone UiPath assistant for Mac. I have installed that and it does not work on my Mac for some reason.

From Resource Center : Automation Cloud (uipath.com)

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Hi @automata911

Please delete current installation of Assistant and try downloading and installing it from Customer Portal .
If the problem persists, please go to Preferences → Help → Export diagnostic archive and attach it.

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Hi @synchron

Thanks for reaching out.

  • Deleted the current installation :white_check_mark:
  • Can’t get into the customer portal. I guess because I’m on the free plan…

Hi @automata911 ,

Apologies, please use this link https://download.uipath.com/latest/UiPath%20Assistant%20(arm64).dmg

Hi @synchron

I have downloaded and Installed the version you sent.

It’s the same behaviour.

  • Status : Unknown
  • No Button to Sign In
  • Orchestrator Settings : “Communication with the Robot Service fails. Please try to restart the service.” error.