UiPath Assistant Blocking Webpage for Unattended Robot

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My team and I have been running into problems with the UiPath Assistant on our Unattended Robots. I am adding some screenshots below that were taken by our robots during login failure in a web application.

These screenshots were taken one minute apart. First the UiPath Robot Error was displayed, then the assistant stayed open and in focus when the robot tried to log in again.


Has anyone encountered this before? I do not know why the UiPath Assistant would need to open at all for an unattended robot. Is this something we can configure to stop?

This has disrupted many production processes for our company. Once the Assistant Opens, it stays open on the given user/machine when other processes are triggered afterwards. Our production machines are secure, and we cannot continue to provide further process interruption to log in and close it manually.


If you connect to the server, does the UiPath Assistant launch alone ? Maybe there is a configuration in the server and the UiPath Assistant opens every time you log in.

And maybe there are several versions of UiPath installed in the server and it is disturbing the robot?

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Hi @mhennelly

Kindly refer above link hope that helps

Hi Girish, thank you for the reference! We had tried to change that configuration, but we will try again with –startup parameter. Hopefully that will solve this problem.

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Great to hear that!

Hi @mhennelly,

If you are not getting any potential solution to this you can use activate activity and point it towards the required screen. In this case even UiPath assistant pops up activate screen activity will bring the pointed screen to foreground.


Do you guys found any solutin fo rthis

Hi @Chaitan

Did u try this out