Uipath Apps not really an app?


Maybe I’m just mixing up the terms, but when I read about the Uipath App studio, I expected to create an actual Android app i.e an apk file to be installed on a cellphone to interact with the Orchestrator and through that run processes.

But I can’t seem to find anything else but a link that “executes” through a browser. That wasn’t exactly what I expected. Is there anything in the pipeline that creates what I thought this to be?

I have used 3rd party software to create an app that is installed on the company cellphones, that app send emails which is processed by Uipath robots, the would have been excellent to achive by the Uipath Apps :slight_smile:

We are looking at fleshing out a better mobile story. The first goal will be to ensure that the browser based apps work well on mobile including having a reactive layout. We’re also looking at building a native mobile app but there’s no definitive timeline yet.

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To expand on @justmarks’s comment, there are two ways to get a “native” experience today:

#1 UiPath Apps are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), meaning they can be “pinned” to your device’s homescreen and can be launched stand-alone without having to publish the app to the Google Play Store:

  1. Navigate to your published app on your Android device in Chrome and tap the menu button in the upper right corner (three vertical dots)
  2. From the options presented, tap Add to Homescreen
  3. Tap the icon from the homescreen and your UiPath app will be launched in a standalone window

#2 Use Cordova to wrap the app in a native .apk and publish that to the Play Store



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Thanks both of you for the replies, I’ll look into publishing the web app with solution 1, however updating can be quite tricky on 125 cellphones :smile:
I’ll look forward to the release of the native uipath forms app😄

Anyone who has ‘pinned’ your app with this approach will automatically download the latest published version any time they launch it, so you don’t have to deal with manual updates :slight_smile:

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Keeps getting better and better :slight_smile:

I’ll continue diving in to the app and explore the posibilities it’ll give.

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hello squad ,
I want to do a PWA for my college website , and instead of making https protocols or anything , i just want to automate my PWA’s LOGIN Page(automate all this process in background, like opening browser and all). And this would be Possible . but in ui path the activities which i am making will be of uipath oriented , so how can i get that into mobile apk format ?? i need support in this guys from our UiPath Community.

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

If you’re looking to generate an APK then Option #2 that I described above would allow you do to that.

Today, I see that the UiPath App does not lend it self to be installed like a PWA. I tried from Chrome. I don’t see the option like I see on the forum.