How to generate my application APK file? and Is it possible to upload on playstore/apple store?

Is it possible to generate apk file once i done my app and also can we upload it on playstore?
Thanks in advance

Hi @raja_ias. UiPath Apps is a feature that enables you to create low-code web apps that easily integrates to RPA processes and don’t need backend APIs. But as I mentioned these are Web apps not Mobile Apps so you dont generate a package to install on a device.

Anyway they are supposed to be compatible with most web browsers, from mobile devices, desktop computers or other devices with browsing capabilities.

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Hi @raja_ias

As informed by “dokumentor”, you will not be able to create a package out of the UiPath apps.

But with the latest features you can create mobile friendly applications and make it publicly available so your intended audience can access it.

See more details here:

@raja_ias ,

UiPath Apps lack native support for mobile app features. It’s important to note that you cannot generate UiPath Apps as APK for Android or Apple devices. Please refrain from considering UiPath Apps as typical mobile apps. The only options are rendering the apps in a browser using a URL or setting up a thin client for local use.