UiPath Apps-File Picker & Storage Buckets - Part 02 | A Practical File Upload App

Hello Community! Happy 2022!

The Part 02 video of the UiPath Apps-File Picker Series has dropped on the #rpavanguard channel!

For better context, please do watch the Part 01 video here: UiPath Apps-File Picker & Storage Buckets - Part 01 | The Basics - YouTube

  1. We begin Part 02 by revisiting the Vanilla App we created in Part 01 of this video series to take a closer look at how it behaves
  2. Based on that, we address list out the current capabilities of the File Picker-Storage Bucket integration as it’s offered today
  3. We use these capabilities to enhance the Vanilla App considerably beyond its original capabilities
  4. From the perspective of an App consumer (who is not necessarily the App builder), these practical enhancements gives the power & flexibility to the App consumer to manage their files in a more practical manner
  5. Finally, we do a walk-through of how these enhancements were integrated into the Vanilla App to turn it into a Practical File Upload App

The video track for Part 02 covers the following topics:

  1. 00:31 - Revisit the Vanilla App for a closer look at its natural behavior
  2. 02:55 - The capabilities of the File Picker-Storage Bucket integration in its current offering
  3. 07:43 - How to check for an existing file in a Storage Bucket & create a “File Replacement Warning” feature
  4. 09:27 - Creating a user-driven feature to replace an existing file or save file with a new name during upload
  5. 13:32 - How it all comes together! The Demo of the Practical File Upload UiPath App
  6. 17:06 - Walk-through of integrating the enhancements into the UiPath App

The App demonstrated in this video can be downloaded from here:

Happy Automating in the New Year!