Feature to upload a file in UiPath Apps


It would be great add on in UiPath Apps, if we get option to ‘Upload’ files (like excel,png or text files) in UiPath Apps.


Agreed! This is something that we have planned for later this year. Can you help us prioritize the capabilities that are most important to you by describing the scenario you’re trying to achieve? (for example: passing it to some attended/unattended automation, putting it in a storage bucket, etc)

Hello Evan,

Glad to know that this feature will be available soon!! :slight_smile:

I was working on a scenarios as below:

1.End user is suppose to submit an image file which will be further classified using ML Skills in unattended automation.

2.End user is supposed to upload the excel file and bot will add a transaction to queue for each row from provided file.

3.End user uploads two files with finance data and bot does a reconciliation process for those two files.

Please let me know if any more information needed.


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Hi @chaitanya.kulkarni: Thank you for providing the scenarios. Can you please help answer the below question?

Do you plan to leverage the Storage bucket or pass the file directly as arguments to RPA process or use other data storage mechanism for file handling for the scenarios outlined above?

Hello @Venkata_Rajendran : We were thinking of passing ‘file path’ of the file that was uploaded as input argument to the bot, but it would be great if along with that we get option to add/store the same filepath/file to storage buckets because it will give us more flexibility of using uploaded files in the other bots that have access to respective storage bucket.

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