How to do excel automation using uipath apps

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How to perform addition operation by taking the input values from excel and write the sum value into excel back using UiPath apps.
Excel file can be uploaded into UiPath apps but how to fetch the values present in excel. Please help me. How to do this in UiPath apps.


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Could you maybe check on the below post :

It uses storage buckets to store the excel file uploaded to the UiPath Apps, We could then later fetch the file from the Storage Bucket from Studio and perform the operation.

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Hi @supermanPunch, I uploaded the file to storage bucket how to fetch that file to perform the operation.

Lakshmi ,

You would require to create a Process where you would require to use Download Storage File Activity as shown in the image below. Then perform the normal Excel/Workbook operations in it.

For more details, you could check for the documentation below :

After the Process is developed, you would need to publish the process and add it as a Trigger point to one of the Buttons created in UiPath Apps. For more details on assigning the Process as a Trigger you could check below video :