UiPath Apps: Assign multiple values in set values activity

Hello Team,

I’m trying UiPath apps to build customer dashboard application. Here I need to handle with multiple app variables and need to assign values for the same to display. When using lot of set values activity, the loading time is too huge. So do we have the option to assign many app variables and its values using single set values activity. I could see we can put many app variables in items to set property, but I couldn’t be able to set the values for those variables. I tried many options but still couldn’t be able to figure it out. Any suggestions or am I missing something.


Hello @svsanthoshece ,

Please try to set value one by one rather than once. As you shared this will not work.

Please add two rules for item set and set value independently.


Hi @svsanthoshece

In UiPath Apps, if you have multiple app variables and need to assign values to them efficiently, you can indeed use a single “Set Values” activity. However, the “Set Values” activity does not allow you to directly set the values for multiple variables at once. It only allows you to set values for individual properties or variables within a single activity.


Hello @Arvind_Kumar1,

Thanks for your response. Currently I have set the value one by one and its working perfectly fine. My problem is I have more than hundred values to set and it takes around a minute to update all the values in my page and the page loading time is too huge. So I’m looking for all the options to improve the performance.

So I have decided to set the values at a single time so it can increase the loading time.

Santhosh V.

@svsanthoshece ,

Why do you need 100 field to set. Ideally that won’t be a best practice to do.

This will be very much tedious from code maintenance and performance wise.

Can’t u save all into data service entity and then play around unique id ?

If no, can u please specify the more detailed of your use case to do this.



Basically, it’s a kind of dashboard application where I need to show all the information about a particular product and all the information’s are stored in SQL database.

So, I have created UiPath process with database activities to get the product information from DB and from there passing all info to UiPath apps through an argument.

When I launch the UiPath apps URL it will trigger my process and bind all the information about the selected product.

is there any efficient way to achieve this?

Santhosh V.

@svsanthoshece ,

Is that case please use process output argument direct binding with control on page and run the process then this will bring data back and render on page. So you don’t need to set value one by one.

Thanks @Arvind_Kumar1 this helps.

But however, it can reduce the rendering time up to some extend and from the user perspective still it looks very slow.

Is there any way where we can connect data sources like (SQL, Oracle or etc. ) and execute our query directly from UiPath apps or can we see it in near future.

In that way we can ignore the middleware and save lot of time and also it will increase rendering time so the app can behave faster.

Santhosh V.

Thanks @Nitya1 for the response.

I’m just wondering then what’s the point of having the option to add as many app variables in single set values activity.

Santhosh V.

@svsanthoshece ,

Currently we don’t have direct integration with SQL into apps. however to make it better, you can try below solution.

  1. Try using Data Service.
  2. Do CRUD operation on data service
  3. Once you feel , you need to commit final to the SQL, you can add an item into Queue
  4. Pass Unique Id into queue
  5. Run performer one queue is added and then you can get data from data service and push to SQL into Process