Idea: Interface for assigning multiple variables at a single location

I see ideas to assign values to multiple variables using scripting or JSON.
However, non-technical business users would definitely appreciate the feature to assign multiple variables in a single interface. A concept draft would look like the one I’ve published below.


  1. Users can click the “+” button to add as many assigns to a list, fill in the variables
  2. As usual, if the list doesn’t have to be exposed, it can be wrapped up using the UiPath roll-up arrows


  1. Ease of use for non-tech users
  2. Easier to use - in practice multiple assign activities tend to clutter the designer surface
  3. Besides, each activity has to be chained explicitly - or all of them have to be dumped into a sequence - both are inconvenient.
  4. Easier to use inside loops, where multiple variables may have to be assigned.

Thanks and I hope this feature is voted for and implemented in future UiPath releases.

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Hi @AndyMenon

I think that has just been implemented (2019.6 or 2019.7):

Please update your System and UiAutomation package to the latest version to get it:


Awesome! For some reason it seems to not be part of my feature set . It does not show up in my activity search bar.

I’m using a 60 day evaluation version 2019.4.4.


Glad that I asked!

You will simply have to update your package versions:

For more documentation see here:

Yes. Thanks!
I will do it at the earliest.

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