UIPath and AX 2012 R3

I’m working with UIPath to automate some processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. When I use UIPath to indicate a button to press or a field to type into, UIPath gets a brainfreeze (stops working) and just chews on it for 3-6 minutes before it has completed. It works, but it take a ridicolous amount of time to make a process, as this is the case at every click. There is no problem when the process is running from orchestrator - it is only during development and only in AX. In all other programs it only takes a split second.

Does anyone know what causes AX to be this slow and how to fix it?

I have attached a video here, where you can see the issue: Link to video showing performance issues

Thank you in advance

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Hi! It shouldn’t matter. the processes are running fine when first published. It is during the development it takes time to indicate what the robot should press :slight_smile:

Yah that’s fine
Kindly try enabling Them and let know pls
Because usually from being orchestrator the process runs much faster than from the studio as it is called as a Windows service

Cheers @Oliver_Fuglsang

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@Oliver_Fuglsang - Can Do!

AX requires you to switch the UI Framework Type to AA

1) Make sure the mouse is not hovering over AX
2) Click “Indicate Element”
3) Enter F4 (1 Time)
4) The UI Framework type should have changed from default to AA
5) You should now be able to hover over AX without fear!
6) Stretch, relax, drink some coffee/water/tea
7) Have fun developing!

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Holy moly… You have no idea how much time I have spent looking at black screens… And it could be fixed by pressing F4 once. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hopefully automating AX is more fun now :slight_smile:

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