UiPath Anchor Base Tutorial & AnchorPosition Example

The Anchor Base feature is a friendly little UiPath Studio activity that can help harden your screen scraping and text processing applications by eliminating a dependency on very fragile UiPath Selectors.

Overcome Selector Fragility

Any time the layout of an HTML page, or the structure of a PDF file changes, a hard-coded selector can fail. This is what people mean when they say selectors are fragile. With this UiPath Anchor Base Example, you’ll learn how to select a UI element or text element not based on its internal ID or selector property, but instead by its relative position on a page.

UiPath Anchor Base Tutorial

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the UiPath Anchor Base Activity:

  1. Ensure the PDF of HTML page resource to anchor is accessible to your UiPath Project
  2. Drag an Anchor Base onto your sequence
  3. Use the Find Element or Find Image activity to find your relative positioning target
  4. Specify the relative AnchorPosition of the found element to the target element
  5. Add the activities to be performed in the Drop Action Activity Here section

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Awesome tutorial!

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