UiPath.Alteryx integration, how to pass an answer when running a job in Alteryx Server


UiPath just released the Alteryx Activities package to run a job in Alteryx server. When I was testing the Alteryx Activities and trying to run a job, I need to pass the answer for a question. The answer is about the file path for the input file. However, in the UiPath, Answer is a special object and I do not know how to pass the string value into Answer object. Please help!

Hi, there are two ways to do this: you can either use the design time experience to configure the answers (see https://docs.uipath.com/marketplace/docs/alteryx-runjob)

Or, you can declare an Answers variable and set it using a Assign (or Multiple Assign) activities. Here is one such example using a Multiple Assign and an Invoke Code

Either way will work.