Can Uipath interact with Alteryx?


Can Uipath interact with Alteryx?


I’m also interested in how the hand-off works between the two tools. If I have an excel file that I would like to send to Alteryx as an input, what would the best way to do that be?


Hi @DeepikaParashar, @bblock

Although I do not now the application, my experience with UiPath tells me that it should not be impossible :slight_smile:
The best way is to simply try.

It will also strongly depend on your requirements, of course.


Sorry if I’m reviving an old thread. I’m having issues typing into an Alteryx Analytic App. The selector is valid and recognized in the Edit Selector menu, however when the bot runs, the activity is skipped over completely. No erro r is thrown meaning that the selector was found, but for whatever reason the typing and clicking is not performed.


Hi @tuanxn

Have you tried different input methods as explained well in this documentation article?

It might be that some methods are not compatible with the Alteryx App.