Uipath advanced training assignment 2 year date

Not sure about how to set the assign to the previous year. “Next, going back to the Process.xaml file, invoke the
System1\System1_NavigateTo_MonthlyReport.xaml file created above.
o Create a new variable called ReportYear. Use an Assign activity to set its value to the
previous year.
o The next step is to create the yearly report.”


Can you elaborate this more? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @bobby,
As we have 2019 there are not a lot months to get the reports. For training purposes you need to choose 2018 then so you will have all 12 months of reports to get :slight_smile: So you need to set variable in that way so you will be able with use of this choose 2018 from the form on acme website.

I am not sure if its simply: var ReportYear = 1/01/2018; Or if you need to place a type into text activity to key in the text into the acme web form. If this is correct why not just give ReportYear a default value of “1/01/2018”, instead of assign.