Generate Yearly Report Vendor, assignment2. While downloading monthly reports of a vendor, the previous year is not listed in the drop-down

Hi ,
I am currently working on “Generate yearly report” --assignment of the RPA Course. There in the PDD it is mentioned to get the yearly report of previous year.

I getting the “Vendor-TaxID” and “date” from the workItem details page. and then downloading the monthly report of the previous year. For example if Date(in workItem Details is)–2019-02-11 then i am downloading monthly reports of the previous-year that is 2018.

But if the Date given is—2018-04-12, then i am trying to read the monthly reports of the year 2017.

But As per the Acme-System1 website the Download-Mointhly-Reports page and Upload-Monthly-Reports page is showing only two years that is 2018 and 2019. In this case as previous year reports doesnot exists… i jst threwed the business exception.
so i will have very few successful WI4’s as very few are having previous year as 2018 or 2019.

When I submitted the assignment, I am evaluated as fail…as the evaluation is just based on the successful entries in Acme-system1 website.

Please can anyone clear my doubt as soon as possible… as i am strucked here.

Thank you


Here, year is not based on the work items date.

Current year 2019 right and so you have to set year is 2018 for all work items.

Thank you so much for timely help…I just made that change… And moving forward to submit the assignment.

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