UIPath Advanced Assignment 1 Selector for Update work item screen

Hi I am having issues in selecting the ‘Update WorkItem’ screen and populate the Hashcode and status. in design time I am able to select successfully. But in Run time time I keep getting an error.
Attach Browser ‘chrome.exe ACME’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

can you post the selector of attach browser?

Hi @vpathy1234,
Seems that you selector is not reliable. Please show your selector so we could see what is going on there.

hi @vpathy1234
please check your BrowserType of Attach Browser Activity .is it always Chrome??


@vpathy1234 to update work item better you give navigate to activity so that you won’t face such issue. Plz let me know if anything goes wrong.

Hi Pablito,

Selector for the Attach browser to select the ‘Update WorkItem’ pop up window

Yes Sandeep. It is set as Chrome

Acme website is more compatible with IE. However I think the URL attribute in your selector can be problem here. Try something like this:
I think ID attribute is crucial here.

use this selector
its working for me


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Thanks Sandeep. It worked for me




please mark as a solution above post so that help to other also


Sandeep, One more question. Could you please help me?
Hi , I am working on the Assignment 2 - Yearly Report upload. After I upload the Yearly report I am trying to select the confirmation id in the pop box. But not able to select the pop-up window.
tried using getText, GetFulltext as Scrape relative. But none works. Can someone help?

@vpathy1234 are you using chrome browser? right

I already face same problem so i used IE for System1_UploadYearlyReport.xaml (16.3 KB) workflow

chrome browser has a problem with pop box
Use IE Browser for that workflow or for all project


Yes . I am using Chrome. Is it possible to use IE only for that workflow or should I change to IE for all the workflows in that project

yeah its possible to use IE for that workflow.

Note: open IE browser with Reports - Upload Yearly Report’ page before run the process