UIPath advance certification submission failure

Hi, I gave my certification exam today but unfortunately before I submit the exam my laptop charge was down and I got a pop up for connecting to charge. I wasn’t able to click on that pop up and also wasn’t able to continue with the exam either. wasn’t able to click anywhere in the screen. I waited for time out. does the answers get auto submitted after time out? or I will fail the exam? please guide me what shall I do?


Something like this happened with my teammates and they spoke with the proctor immediately. They were allowed to retake the exam. You may try reaching out to your exam provider contact too (in our case it was Pearson VUE).


How to reach them? there’s no number provided I tried asking during exam but no one replied… mine is also pearson VUE.


Dont worry and please contact here with the details of the description



You should have called them there n then or atleast send them an email to inform about the same.

They might reschedule your exam.

Pearson VUE Contacts

Thanks everyone for your help! I contacted them and they suggested to wait for results first. I’m happy to share that I have passed the exam.


Congratulations, @vanita_bhanushali! All the best


Congratulations. Happy Automation


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