Uipath add simple quotes on an excel formula

Hi guys,

I struggle since this morning on typing formulas on excel.

Thanks to that forum, I already know that I must write " , " to have a " ; ", but I have another problem, and impossible to find a topic on that, maybe the keywords are too common.

I have that formula that I need to type : =RECHERCHEV(H13;‘List of IO’‘s’!A:B;2;FAUX)

I have wrote it that way, in a “write cell” activity, inside an Excel application scope : “=RECHERCHEV(H13,‘List of IO’‘s’!A:B,2,FAUX)”

The problem is when I open excel after the robot run, I got an error in the cell and I can read that inside : =RECHERCHEV(H13;‘List of IO’‘s’!A:B;2;‘FAUX’)

The problem comes from the simple quotes around the FAUX

Why do they appear, and how could I get rid of them ?

Thank you all

little precision, I have a french Excel, so it recognizes the word FAUX as a keyword (for FALSE).


I am not sure if this was your solution:
I wrote the same code as you mentioned and got the output as expected and didn’t find any extra quotes or double quotes in the cell which I have written the formula as you mentioned
Please refer the image below


Correct me if I am wrong anywhere in understanding the problem.

Pavan H

I have made another test because I didn’t understand why it works for you.

As my excel is in french, I changed the “FAUX” by “FALSE” (that it doesn’t recognize), and it didn’t add the simple quotes, so to make the same test as me you should have put “FALSE” in the language of your excel.

With the “FAUX” modified by “FALSE” it write exactly what I asked, but the formula doesn’t work anymore…


Share your excel, it will be easy to solve the issue.

Pavan H

I just downloaded english package for office, and now it works


I just think UiPath is not made to work with anything else than the default language of office.

Thank you for your time

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