Uipath Academy Advenced certificate no rating!

Hello to everyone
I have completed the project through the Uipath academy, but the grade is not entered, what is the reason please help?
Uipath Academy Advenced certificate no rating!!


Please first check if the you email is the same for acme and academy.
second check if in the acme page → user options → check assingment it shows with more than 0

the rating from academy is based in this result from acme, if you have 0 then you have to check you automation


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I’m checking everything, is something wrong here?
he doesn’t score, there’s no going back?

@Ertan_AY Before you upload the code, you should complete all the work items. I see Assignment 2 has 16 items in total but those were not completed yet

the project is running.
Can you help me ?
I need to finish today please
@ushu @fernando_zuluaga


the items are being finished but not correct, you would check you code, please check if you formula is correct when generating the hash code


thank you, i think i can’t handle this :frowning:

Calculate-Client-Security-Hash-main.zip (1011.7 KB)
why is this not happening please can you help now it is very important

Better to contact them.