UiPath 2019 Fast Track Preview (Community Edition v2019.2.0)

Great job, waiting for the AI vision finally in the ground. Excited to see and use


Hi @balramrv! You can check the AI Computer Vision activity pack in Beta here:


Congratulations to the whole team for this new version !! Looking forward to testing these new features, especially the AI Computer Vision :slight_smile:

Seems very exciting

Very nice news :relaxed:


“Soap Request” activity still gets Method ‘xxxxxx’ not found exception. Could you pls check?

Regarding File Diff, can it be used to compare XML files which are not UiPath specific. For example- can I compare an XML file which had lets say patient data and next day a change happened with that XML. Can I compare these 2 XML files using this feature?

If I wanted to save the changes to the workflow, ‘Ctrl+S’ keyboard shortcut was not working.

@VasuNaidu we need more details. CTRL + S is working on my side with Studio version 2019.2.0.

@ovi Which details you need?

Hi @VasuNaidu

It would help to know the exact order of actions from the moment you open Studio until the issue manifests itself.

@loginerror Assume that I have created a new project with a WriteLine activity and text as “Hello World!”. Now if I want to save the workflow I’m having 2 options 1. need to click on Save button on the studio toolbar, 2. CTRL+S. If I use option 1 it saves and if I use option 2 (CTRL+S) it won’t save.

And Assume I have multiple XAML files opened in the studio and If I wanted to save multiple XAML files at a time need to use CTRL+SHIFT+S, this one working fine (Saves the changes of all XAML files)

It’s pretty strange. Could you give it a try on the newest Beta version 2019.3?

Wow, awesome changes, much needed!

Where can I find the Digitize Document activity?
Where can I find the GIT activity?
I am in 2019.2 version.
Also one suggestion, can we expect an update soon with data scrapping output including checkbox statuses also. It will be much easier.

Is there a link here somewhere to download the latest beta?
Also where are the links to the latest release for updating community edition?

Hi @cmrobertson

To see how to update your current installation, please see this link:

If you need the installer again, you can request your Community Edition setup file on our website as you did originally:

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Hello @amithvs - the Digitize Document activity is in the IntelligentOCR package.

It takes as input any type of PDF or image, and it returns the text (string) and a DocumentObjectModel - this latter one contains all the words in the document, with position, content, OCR confidence, position in the text version, and a bit of layout positioning

is intelligent OCR working with Abby only?

Yes, works only wiht Abby.