UiPath 2019 Fast Track Preview (Community Edition v2019.2.0)

@VasuNaidu we need more details. CTRL + S is working on my side with Studio version 2019.2.0.

@ovi Which details you need?

Hi @VasuNaidu

It would help to know the exact order of actions from the moment you open Studio until the issue manifests itself.

@loginerror Assume that I have created a new project with a WriteLine activity and text as “Hello World!”. Now if I want to save the workflow I’m having 2 options 1. need to click on Save button on the studio toolbar, 2. CTRL+S. If I use option 1 it saves and if I use option 2 (CTRL+S) it won’t save.

And Assume I have multiple XAML files opened in the studio and If I wanted to save multiple XAML files at a time need to use CTRL+SHIFT+S, this one working fine (Saves the changes of all XAML files)

It’s pretty strange. Could you give it a try on the newest Beta version 2019.3?

Wow, awesome changes, much needed!

Where can I find the Digitize Document activity?
Where can I find the GIT activity?
I am in 2019.2 version.
Also one suggestion, can we expect an update soon with data scrapping output including checkbox statuses also. It will be much easier.

Is there a link here somewhere to download the latest beta?
Also where are the links to the latest release for updating community edition?

Hi @cmrobertson

To see how to update your current installation, please see this link:

If you need the installer again, you can request your Community Edition setup file on our website as you did originally:

Hello @amithvs - the Digitize Document activity is in the IntelligentOCR package.

It takes as input any type of PDF or image, and it returns the text (string) and a DocumentObjectModel - this latter one contains all the words in the document, with position, content, OCR confidence, position in the text version, and a bit of layout positioning

is intelligent OCR working with Abby only?

Yes, works only wiht Abby.