Uipath 2019.10 for Enterprise Users

Does anyone know when Uipath will launch 2019.10 version for Enterprise users.
There is one feature in the 2019.10 version which my organization is looking for Queue Triggers.
This feature is not present in 2019.4.
Any update on this will be very helpful.

@loginerror @Pablito

Do you have any update on above query ?

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Very Soon™


Do you know approx time like end of this month?

I don’t think I can directly disclose it.

However, if you are an existing customer, feel free to sign up to the Insider’s program here:

It actually gives you access to the MSI installer that is on par with the current Community Edition version (thus 2019.10 :slight_smile: )


Is it today? I can’t wait anymore :smiley:

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Hi @stch

See our banner :slight_smile:

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Already updated :slight_smile: nice job UiPath!