UiPath 20.4 is now in GA (General Availability) for Enterprise

:loudspeaker: UiPath 20.4 is now in GA (General Availability) for Enterprise

Following up on our latest Community Stable release, we are proudly presenting you our 2020 Fast Track (FTS) UiPath Enterprise 20.4.
The same Enterprise build is now also available for our Community Edition :slight_smile:

Mr. Robot - Remember this, it’s the codename for our latest FTS release and it perfectly describes the journey we’ve embarked on to deliver a Robot for Everyone and make Attended Automation the central focus point.

We’re introducing UiPath Assistant for Attended Automation, which coupled with Picture-in-Picture (Experimental) takes automation to a whole new level, even when working with StudioX, now out of Preview.

Aside from this, we’re proud to introduce the new Test Suite for test automation projects with a Studio Pro license, integration between Automation Hub and Task Capture , the Computer Vision Server, Governance for Studio and StudioX projects, new Studio capabilities, and a whole bunch of new activities. To check installation steps for each of these products, head on over to our new Installation Guide.

Last but not least, we’ve taken on the Divide and conquer strategy for our release notes. Well, in keeping with the times, it’s rather Isolate and conquer. Instead of having all details about each component on the same page, we’ve split them into separate easier-to-read pages per component. Head over to the bottom of this page to find direct links for each component and read every new feature and every bug that we’ve fixed all on one page.

Do not hesitate to check it out directly on our Release Notes Per Product.

To find out what changed on each and every component of the UiPath family, feel free to visit the following links:


Process mining

Automation Hub

Task Capture




Studio Pro




Test Manager




Action Center



Start your automation journey now

If you are new to UiPath, grab your Enterprise trial license here and go to our free UiPath Academy to learn more.

If you already have an Enterprise license, you can grab the latest installer directly from our Cloud Portal resources tab..


I’m not sure what you folks did to this thing over the weekend?!
Everything was fine until Friday, and even Sunday night.
This morning I was forced to restart Studio because a message stated that the Robot and Studio CE version are mismatched.

After the restart, the entire Studio product appears to be bloated and is clocking 70% memory on my office laptop!

Two things are majorly suffering!
The Intelli-sense when passing parameters to the Invoke Workflow Argument.
It’s broken and does not work! It runs a spinning wheel and then nothing appears in the variables list!

Then there is the Invoke Code Activity
Every two lines of VB code I type, the window freezes. The main studio window refreshes in the background and then it allows me to type.

I’m going to restart my laptop and check once more. But today my entire development time has been cut in half!!! :confounded:


UiPath Robot -> UiPath Agent Desktop -> UiPath Assistant -> ???

c’mon, when is stop change the name?


What is the difference between Studio and Studio Pro? Both go to the same link. Didn’t you mean studio T?


Hi @AndyMenon

Typically, if the Robot version mismatches your Studio (can happen if there was a glitch with auto-update), your next step should indeed be to restart your machine (or the Robot process itself). Let us know if it did not fix the issue.

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Hi @irahmat

I think Assistant is the final one to stay :sweat_smile:


Hi @Eduard_Shlepetskyy

I believe it goes to the same link because the change log of Studio introduces the Studio Pro profile at the beginning :slight_smile:


hi @loginerror,

Thank you for the Update.

RPA Testing is interesting.

Is there a provision to use the RPA Testing feature in 2018.3.2 , I Mean without update of the studio.


I believe it is not possible because the Studio Pro license (which enables the testing capabilities) is only ‘understood’ by the latest 20.4 version of Studio.


Maybe the next logical choice would be Robotic Jedi Apprentice? :smiley:


I have a question about the new tetsing/test suit capability:

After publishing my testcases to orchestrator, I’m unable to go back to studio and make any edit on the published testcases, it’s telling me my license is restricting me from editing it. What if I want to make changes to the existing testcase? Since there will be frequent design change, do we need to have an enterprise license to achieve this?

I’ve asked this question in other topics but did not get response back.

Thank you!

Hi @loginerror

The restart has fixed the issues.
But I’m yet to test out the “Invoke Code” activity. I’ve already finished coding the script from yesterday.
When I write another script from scratch I will know how it performs because the longer I kept that code editor open, the slower the environment and intelli-sense got.

I will update this forum should I have any more issues.


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is there alternatif way without restart a machine?

because restart machine in production is not that easy, we need to through a lot of approval and strong reason.

I bookmarked in case you lie. :wink:


LoL or Robotic Attended Desktop. :wink:

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First thing, this situation should be rare nowadays, as we keep improving things.
Also, it is only the case for the Community User-mode robot service.

But yes, you would simple go to your Task Manager and close all UiPath processes. The issue comes from the fact that sometimes the auto-update fails to do that for you and you end up with a running process for Robot from the old version and Studio from the new version (these have to match at all times).

hmm… seems like Apple Product.

Next, I guess STUDIO X PRo will be released soon. :wink:

Great news, and I really like the idea of putting all the release notes in separate sections to make it easier to find :smiley:

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