UiElements, iterate and try catch questions

I have a question about how to develop this automation. The idea is to access a web page, specifically this one: Base de Datos Nacional de Subvenciones, and download the PDF files located below. The problem arises when the webpage has more than 2 attached PDFs (for example: Base de Datos Nacional de Subvenciones) or sometimes when there are none.

So, I don’t know how to specify to the bot to iterate if there are more documents or to prevent it from failing when none are found.

You can number of rows

did you use for each ui element activity?

UI Element Activity is design for similar elements in application. Use this get rid of error when their is multiple rows

Use Data Scraping , in the ‘Edit Data Definition’ option change the ‘attr’ value of Column-3 to ‘href’, you will have all the download links directly in data table. Then under loop of data table navigate the URL to download PDFs.

Note: Keep MaxNumberOfResults to 0 and ensure you define nextLinkSelector (since i can see there is a page count also)

This way you can handle both download and possible Exceptions

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