UiElement covet the string

UiElement convert to string??

Kindly have a view on this

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Using “Assign Activity” You can assign the Selector to the String Variable.
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In amozon website if i used get text activity the scrape in 4 digits in redmi price its got,but if i type samsung the price of 5 digit doesnot come…so how i got price if price dynamically change??

@suneel070, It may have selector problems. I mean when you recorded the step it was on the redmi page and the page title was like amazon.in:redmi but when did the same for samsung, the page title became amazon.in: samsung.

So I suggest you to check the selectors and use wild cards (*/?) to make your get text activity dynamic.


I all ready done… But issue in price… If price is four digits it works but if I put samsung, price in 5 digits it doesn’t… Issue in price? How can I solve??

here the workflow.In assign activity it don’t work.Please solve this…Main.xaml (13.0 KB)

I see you have used "<webctrl aaname='7,999' idx='1' parentid='search' tag='SPAN' />" as the selector. It would be better to make your selector more generic.

For instance, you may try to remove aaname=‘7999’ and put the selector as
"<webctrl idx='1' parentid='search' tag='SPAN' />", assuming that you only want the price of the first search result. If it doesn’t work, you can try and test with other selectors using the UiExplorer.


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its not work…can u explanation more…

Please check this out
Main.xaml (9.3 KB)

Hi @suneel070

instead of “7999” use Wildcard in the selector, or You can use Get Attribute from the source instead to get the amount,

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