Uidemo initallaplication

after running the initallapplication in REFramework for uidemo app , i m getting this error
“message”: “Open Application ‘UIDemo.exe UiDemo’: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007B)”,
Can someone please help me.

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Kindly check once with the filename and filepath mentioned is correct to the open application activity
Cheers @Bhagyashri_Wani

i checked it .

Hi @Bhagyashri_Wani

Can you show a screen shot of the activity along with the input values that you have passed to it?


The activity looks fine. It seems like there is something wrong with the file path that you are giving for the file name input property…

Your file name should look something similar to this…

"C:\Folder Name\UIDemo.exe"
A similar value should be available in the value that is provided by the in_config argument here

Actually,I’m using assets for this.

I’m facing the same Problem. When I type the path into the explorer, the application opens. So, the path should be fine. I also checked whether the program is getting the asset, but this is working too. I dont know what to do… Did you already solve it?

Ok, I solved it. Maybe someone faces the same problem: I entered the asset value in Orchestrator. with quotation marks. But the value in orchestrator should be entered without quotation marks. This was causing the problem

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