UIDemo.exe blocks typing in cents / decimal separator / period

I’m going through Level 3 Advanced Training practice 1. Some people have pointed this out already, but I couldn’t find any answers, so I hope you don’t mind. I’m stuck in typing decimals into the UIDemo.exe app:

  • When I manually type ‘.’ or ‘,’ into any of the balance, it just gets ignored
  • Enabling “simulate type” property in Type Into activity succeeds in jamming in the decimal separator, but when one clicks the “Submit” button the app appends an extra “.00” (e.g. “981.32” turns into “$981.32.00”).

I guess this doesn’t get in the way of completing the exercise, but I do wish I wasn’t hampered by the demo app! If it helps troubleshooting, my regional setting is set to Canada. I appreciate everyone’s help in advance!

Try using “Send Window Messages” in the Type Into activity.

It was the Error of UiDemo App. It won’t allow any character than numbers. So when you send any Double number (as String) 981.32, it remove dot and adding 00 at the End. It was programmed like that.

You can check this by manually entering data to UiDemo App.

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I had the same problem when I was working on it… It’s actually a problem with the UiDemo app… so don’t worry much about it… It will not get in the way of completing the assignment :slight_smile: