ToString on Double values omits decimal point

I’m working on the first practice question in the RPA Developer Advanced training, and am running into an issue when trying to write the values in the “Cash In”, “On Us Check” and “Not On Us Check” fields.

If you’re familiar with the question, you know that you need to read the input values for these fields from an Excel sheet first. Since some of them have decimal points, so I’m storing these values as Doubles.

I’ve viewed the values of the variables in debug mode, and can see that the values are read correctly, inclduing the decimal points. I also log the values of these three fields (CashIn, OnUsCheck and NotOnUsCheck) using the .ToString method (e.g., CashIn.ToString), and get the expected results, (e.g., “345.65”). However, when I then proceed to use the “Type Into” activity to type these values into the UIDemo application, then it does NOT include the decimal points. So, in the case of the example above, it does not type “345.65”, but “34565” instead. Does anyone have any idea of why this is, and what I can do to achieve the correct result?

Adding screenshots below of the logged values, as well as what’s getting typed into the UIDemo application fields.


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I dont think that the issue with the TypeInto Activity. Before putting it into the TypeInto activity, just try the same value using Write Line Text activity.

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I tried Log Message, which outputted it correctly. But I actually think I found the problem! It’s with the UIDemo application itself, it doesn’t allow you to put in decimal points…