Ui Path version certification exam

Hi all,
is there any condition/obligation related to the Ui path version to be used for certification exam.
I am currently preparing using the uipath 19.6.

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You can use whichever version you like. What’s important is that you follow the UiPath “best practices”. Use the REFramework, name activities and variables appropriately, etc. The version of UiPath that you use shouldn’t matter at all.

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Thanks a lot for your answer.
Regarding the RE Framework there are some slight differences between the version of 2018.3 and 2019.6 , for example edit argument in no longer available in 2019.6
I am working with the RE Framework of 2019.6.

thanks in advance for your clarifications.

Yes, the Invoke Workflow activity changed recently, but the functionality is still the same.

Thanks a lot for your response

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Additional Question related to the Exam: Lets Assume we implement the use case of the exam and we did not use all variables of the RE Framework shall we press the removed unsed variables or we keep them for future use. I am speak about RE Frame Work only.

Thanks for your usual support

Hello @HasherH
As a best practices you should remove unused variable.its not hard and fast rules


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