UI path trial version expired


UI path trial version has been expired.I tried the community edition ,but its not opening up due to device identification number,let me know if any solution of this issue.

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What’s the erro msg? Screen shot please .
Here is the link to update in case you didn’t.

please find the error message above

Did you renew on the given site ?

Yes i tried ,but still the same error coming up

Oh ok …
Please navigate to appdata folder and delete uipath folder(license) and try to proceed with above steps
If still doesn’t work then unistall and deletd uipath folder from directory if any then install new one.


Did the fresh installation after deleting the UIpath folder from appdata
but still same error message.

Mayank Singh

delete uipath folder under Programdata folder and restart the system.

PS:did you try with offline activation?

Was there a resolution to this problem? My community edition has an expiration date too. Will I not be able to use it after that?

Yes it does.
You need to renew the free license every 2 months

Yes I did thank reboot part,not sure with the offline activation?let me
know the steps plz

I don’t have the license key…

You don’t need license key for offline activation.

What are the step for offline activation?

Did you read through all the doc.
Its right below. You need to copy the clipboard and paste.

Hello ,

I am stuck in the offline activation method,i am not getting the activation
email on my email mentioned in the link below:

Mayank Singh

Make sure you provide your enterprise mail id not personal mail id.

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