UI Path Orchestrator icon

I am trying to do the UI Path Orchestrator Training. I cannot locate the UI Path Orchestrator icon, to follow along on the training. It is not in the system tray neither can I locate the UI Path installation folder for UI Path.

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Orchestrator is a web based application to monitor and manage all the robots and other schedules as a dashboard, which can be opened in a browser and can be seen only in browser like IE or Chrome
With url https://platform.uipath.com
It doesn’t have any icon or logo in specific buddy
Or to be more advanced we got an app to be installed in our mobile to manage them from our mobile itself

You were almost done
Hope this helps you
Cheers @Taariq

@Palaniyappan thanks a lot! I managed to locate the icon now. Did a windows search with “UIPath Robot” and the app appeared.

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That’s uipath robot tray buddy and
That’s different from orchestrator
Uipath robot tray is used to trigger the process from our machine itself
While orchestrator is seen in browser as it is a web application
Cheers @Taariq