UIpath Extract web data to excel activity

Hi all i wanted to extract the data from web and i wanted to insert that data in my excel sheet against the url .i have bunch of URl’s in my excel sheet please help me in that i am quite new in UIpath TechnologyEcho url.xlsx (405.0 KB)

I have few queries to ask. Please help me to clarify that,

  • That excel column 1 is URL, and you need to add data which you need to scrape from that url. My question is - does that input file having any column name where you want to add scrape data from web?

  • We can add one column name in the final report which will be generated. Let me know the column name if you want to add anything as column name

Column A and 1 is the Header of Column A and Column B i didn’t give any specific name but can give header name of column B

We can give Column name like (Data) as Column B .

@mayank_tripathi Please find attached solution.
Solution_v01.zip (210.6 KB)

I have left only few URLs, as that file is having 1600+ lines. It will work. In the activity name “Code to extract data from URL”, add your code for screen/data scraping. Cheers.

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Thanks Ashish it works , it’s really a great help ,thanks alot . Thanku so much for your help and your guidence.

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