UI PATH interview questions

How to add new BOT to existing queue?
When to use state machine and flowchart
How to handle delay during page loading
How delete item from queue, how to validate data in queue, how to delete data from queue based on codition.
Other way of storing credentials except Asset
Execute macro of notepad
Dynamic pdf page count
different ways of deployment

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If you are looking for an answer, tutorials have answers to most of the questions.


Can you please give me the link of tutorials. I have gone through many videos, not able to find the answers.

Shirish, thanks for sharing.
Could you please share the name & location of company where these questions were posed in interview?

Similarly there were few links on interview experience Interview Experience - Uipath rpa tutorials - YouTube



One of the question: how can you validate your project… they are asking debug??

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hi… how to answer for the same??

Complete list of UiPath rpa interview questions and answers …over 100 questions and answers explained friends

Do subscribe to the channel …and also explore other videos in the playlists

For real time questions…
Please follow below

Here are few interview questions :slight_smile:

Sharath Raju

This has mock interviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFd2UxUMjZNfqyH0iWajFe3N9poClCOL-