Handling exceptions

What is exception handling?

Hi @Bharadwaj_Reddy ,

Exception handling is vast concept in any programming language or any tool. In uipath also we have nice exception handling mechanism to create robust automations.

In simple terms exception handling is handling of exceptions occurring in our automations.

Exceptions we can handle in uipath with the multiple ways.

  1. With Work flow analyzer we can identify the errors in the work flow which we have created and we can resolve them by seeing what is the causing of the errors in the error panel. please refer the below link for more details.
  1. You can use simple try and catch activity to capture your known exceptions. you have to keep the sequence or workflow in try block which may produce any exceptions. you can catch the exceptions and neutralize like sending notification email to the respective people to resolve the issue. we can handle the exceptions in this way if you want to handle in the exceptions within flow. please refer the below link for your reference.
  1. Try to build your automation of medium to complex process with UiPath Reframe work to build robust automations. RE framework itself contains the inbuilt work flows to handle the exceptions in very robust way. self learn on the Re-framework would provide better understanding on the exception handling.
    please refer the below link for your reference.

i have tried to put some pints here so that you will get little idea on the exception handling mechanism in UiPath. if you need nay more help. please let me know. thanks.



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