UI Path Data Scraping export only first page data

I do Data Scraping for flipkart.com when i run it pagination works fine… but when i export output datatable to excel , i can find only first page data.

I don’t understand problem, Any Solution ?

Thanks In Advance

Can you share your code… Just an example

Do you need Main.xaml?

Hi @ddgajjar, welcome to UiPath community!

Use Write Range activity outside the Attach browser window and try. Here, You have to increase the scope of Data table variable to main. It will work


Its already outside and same as you described


Could you please share your workflow and will check it.

I can’t upload it

Can u expand Data Scraping and show the properties?

Its working when i increase DelayBtweenPages …Thanks Guys

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That is good.

But i will suggest you instead of delay if you use element exists activity.
and then you can close this loop.
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Hi @ddgajjar,

Yes there is an issue with Data scraping. Even i tried the same. It failed to capture the Data from multiple pages. Reporting a bug to UiPath.

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Its working with the other sites. Thanks

Its working when i increase DelayBetweenPagesMS = 2000