Ui Path Academy Assignment 2 Dispatcher Issue

Hi All,

I am currently working on Assignment 2 (Generate Yearly Report). I am having issues with the dispatcher portion. I am able to sign in, and go to the work items page. However, I am not able to extract the data, and the robot is not able to detect that the next page exists. Any ideas?

I will attach my assignment.[generateYearlyReportDispatcher.zip|attachment](upload://7BWaJm6siysWZ0JVmdQTl2lQs2e.zip) (505.7 KB)

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Ensure that chrome extension is installed if we are using chrome browser
To be better we can use IE Browser

And use DATA SCRAPPING method to extract the table structure data

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @amrita.devi


Thank you!
I am using the FireFox extension. I was not able to use the DATA SCRAPPING method in IE Browser for the last assignment, but FireFox worked for me. When I use the DATA SCRAPPING method, it asked if there were multiple pages, and I said no because I believe the assignment wants us to step through each page and scrape the data, then go to the next page and scrape the data instead of scraping all the data at once and going through each item.

Yah that’s correct
Instead of clicking on next page we can make the selector dynamic with a a variable in it
Kindly follow the Walk Through document provided along with the assignment and the steps to do this.

Cheers @amrita.devi

That’s what I did, but it is not going to the next page. I do not know why.

Can I have a view in the selector used to navigate to next page

Cheers @amrita.devi

I believe I had uploaded my code earlier, but I will upload it again here.
generateYearlyReportDispatcher.zip (505.7 KB)

Thank you for looking at my code. I really appreciate it.

If possible can I have a screenshot of selector alone
Hope you don’t mistake as I don’t have my system near to me
Cheers @amrita.devi

Yes, I have a screenshot of the code I used in the selector attached.